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Brandon Jacobs, 10.22.09

Q. Arizona defense has limited opposing runners to 2.7 yards per carry. What makes them so good against the run?

A. They play as a team, they have some big bodies in there, and they are pretty fast and move pretty well. They are a good defensive football team. They played in the Super Bowl a year ago and I thought they played well. We have our hands full with the Cardinals.

Q. Ahmad, your thoughts?

Ahmad Bradshaw: Come out and play hard man, just execute and that is going to win the ball game. Just go out and play and execute.

Q. Their rushing defense stats are impressive, 50-60 yards per game. Is this a situation you go into thinking this is going to be tough or that you are the team that you can break out against them?

A. You always give the opponent the proper respect that they deserve because they have been playing well against the run all season long. Probably going to try and continue to play well here. We don’t look at it and curl up in the corner. We look at it as a challenge and try to be that one team to better than the previous teams.

Q. Are teams getting away from it because the Cardinals can score some points?

A. Sometimes teams can get away from it because coaches get discouraged or whatever it is, they think they are wasting downs. That won’t be the case here, we will stick to it. As long as we don’t have to abandon the run we will be fine. We just have to go out and prove it.

Q. Last week were you on the verge of having a big game on the ground?

A. I sensed it. In that game last week I thought the Saints played a good game. I think that could have been a record game with the most rushing yards for us. We had to change our plans and go with the flow of the game.

Q. Do you think you have to get back to that this week?

A. No question, no question. We definitely have to get back there. We led the league last year and we are behind now. We have to try to get back in it. We start with a good Cardinals team that is coming in here who is playing good football right now and played good last week. It is a challenge for us.

Q. Just a feeling that you and Ahmad had?

A. Me, myself, I felt very good, when I’m feeling good, everyone is feeling good. Ahmad was going to get out there and do what he has been doing in previous games. I think we were doing pretty well last week. The swing of the game went the wrong way for us and we had to try to keep pace.

Q. The 3-4 is meant for the linebackers to stop the run. Does it start with (Karlos) Dansby and (Gerald) Hayes?

A. Those are their defensive quarterbacks. I played college with Dansby. He is a very smart guy and knows what to get in and physical. Gerald is a physical guy and also smart. The front, the big boys down low, they are playing well, clogging up holes, stopping linemen from getting to the second level. It is going to be a challenge for us, but nothing we can’t over.