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New York Giants News & Notes: No Need to Panic

Tom Rock of Newsday throws some water on the fire, pointing out that the Giants have recovered from bad losses before and that one bad loss to the Saints won't define their season. I agree with him completely.

There's plenty of reason to think the Giants will be able to return to form on Sunday. They do it rather routinely. In 2007 they were beat up by the Vikings, 41-17, at home. Two-and-a-half months later they were Super Bowl champions. And last year they fell flat against the Browns. After that they won seven straight games and established themselves as the premier team in the NFL (even if it was a bit premature for their liking).

It's not about losing, it's about handling the loss. Linebacker Danny Clark compared it to hitting the refresh button on an Internet browser each week.

Hixon Sets Giants Record

In spite of the turmoil surrounding him, Domenik Hixon had a banner day in his first game back from injury, becoming the first Giant to gain 300 total yards in a single game. He was obviously helped by all the kickoff returns the Giants defense let him receive, but with a few long returns he definitely earned the distinction. Congrats, Domenik. Also noted in that article, Hakeem Nicks became the first Giants rookie to score a touchdown in 3 straight games since 1950.

McKenzie's Injury Not That Bad?

The Giants won't release the severity of right tackle Kareem McKenzie's injury, but indications are that it isn't as bad as originally feared, and McKenzie may be able to play again this Sunday against the Cardinals. That's good news. Also good news, it sounds like Chris Canty, Michael Boley, and Aaron Ross should all be available after the bye week, if not the week before for Canty. That must be especially welcome news for Canty, who has been frustrated by his inability to get on the field since the season opener.

Looking Back & Looking Ahead

Mike Garafalo reviews rookie William Beatty's performance replacing Kareem McKenzie last week and looks ahead to the Giants matchup with another high-flying offense this weekend against the Arizona Cardinals.