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KP: 'Chemistry and communication you need just weren’t there'

We can talk about the New York Giants' safety position all we want. We all know the real answer is on IR recovering from knee surgery. That, of course, is Kenny Phillips.

Well, just because KP isn't playing doesn't mean he lacks for opinions about the play of his secondary. Here is Phillips, posting on his blog.

Against the Saints we were out of sync and didn’t look good at all. It was just a bad game for us. I don’t want to take anything away from the Saints, they went out and executed. But I’ve seen the things our secondary can do in practice. We don’t even allow guys to catch passes on us in practice. Guys stay after practice working so hard.

For us to be out of sync like that, it was just a bad day, I guess. They’re going to happen.

There are a lot of new guys in the system, like Aaron Rouse and C.C. Brown, and Dockery was just coming back from an injury. The chemistry and communication you need just weren’t there. It takes time to build that chemistry and we just didn’t really look ready.

Watching that game without getting to play killed me, it really did. Especially because this was a game I really wanted to play. I knew Drew Brees was going to go out there like a gunslinger. If I was out there I think I could have made a difference. It just really hurts as a safety to see the quarterback having his way like that. When the team loses, it hurts.

I’m sure we’re going to bounce back. This is still a good football team. The Saints were a tough challenge and we’re going to build from this.

Let's just hope the arthritic condition in Phillips' knee does not prevent him from returning and becoming the outstanding player we think he can be. We can plainly see that the Giants need him.