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A few notes to make you feel better today

Yes, our New York Giants have some things to iron out after Sunday's loss. But, here are a handful of stories meant to remind you that life is good as a fan of the 5-1 Giants.

Of course, you know about the Jim Zorn debacle in Washington, right? Well, from the perspective of being a fan of a rival NFC East team, this story gets funnier every day.

Tuesday Rich Gannon told Redskins owner Daniel Snyder flat out that he needs to fire personnel chief Vinny Cerrato.

"Cerrato has not done a very good job there. They have not gotten enough of a return on their investment. I really question their philosophy on how you build your team. They spent a lot of money on high-priced veteran free agents. They've made some mistakes, some costly mistakes, and they haven't done a good enough job with the draft and player development. That's really where you build your football team. So this is a team that's really in shambles right now. I told the owner -- this is amazing, I'm sitting there talking to Dan Snyder -- I said, 'You need to have leadership, structure and discipline at EVERY level of your organization. And I think that clearly right now they have some issues."

The fact that Snyder has to be told this is part of the problem in D.C.

As for Zorn, we know Zorn has had his play-calling duties stripped away. Now, this week he utterly botched the quarterback situation by failing to tell Jason Campbell he would start before announcing it on the radio. Another example of why Zorn never should have been hired in the first place.

Over in Philadelphia, coach Andy Reid is again drawing fire after Sunday's loss to putrid Oakland. The National Football Post has anointed Reid the league's worst game manager. They broke down, play-by-play, Reid's end of game decisions Sunday to support their case.

Stopping in Tennessee, where the Titans are 0-6, fans are not happy with Jeff Fisher. Not because he isn't a terrific coach, but because he showed up at a luncheon in a Peyton Manning jersey so he could "feel like a winner." Can't see TC doing something that dumb.

In Cincinnati, did you see that Ocho-Selfish-O has launched his own IPhone app. Yep, that's a guy concerned about winning.

Consider these things and you have to realize life is pretty good as a Giants fan right now.