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New York Giants news and notes: Big Blue still licking their wounds

Our New York Giants are still stinging from their embarrassing 48-27 loss to the New Orleans Saints on Sunday.

Here is a smattering of what the Giants are saying, and what is going on with the team, as they try to turn to the page and get ready for defending NFC champion Arizona this weekend.

Safety C.C. Brown thinks the Giants were too full of themselves.

"We pretty much got on our high horses, you know. We thought it was going to be another brush-through game and it was an eye-opener for us."

Newsday's Tom Rock thinks maybe Brown spent too many years playing for bad teams in Houston and doesn't know how a player on a good team is supposed to feel.

I think Brown needs a nickname. We had Elvis 'Toast' Patterson years ago. What should we call Brown, who obviously should have played 75 years ago when defenders didn't have to worry about pass coverage.

The Human Torch, since he keeps getting lit up? 'Bullseye Brown', since quarterbacks will be throwing constantly in his direction? 'Bad, Bad, C.C. Brown'? 'Can't Cover' Brown? Man, I don't know. The guy needs a nickname, though. I think I'm going with 'Bad, Bad C.C. Brown' until you guys convince me otherwise.

Of course, before we move on with other notes, I can't make the obvious 'Bad, Bad Leroy Brown' reference without giving you this from Jim Croce -- one of my favorite artists ever.

Other notes
  • Giants vow to improve

    From Newsday:
    We just made some mistakes that we can't make, especially when you're playing a team of that caliber," cornerback Corey Webster said. "So we take the film, we take the whipping that they issued out, and we go back and start working hard and compete."

  • Eli Manning defends deep throws against Saints

    A lot of Sunday night and Monday's discussion was about some of the deep balls Manning threw on third down against the Saints. Mostly, the reaction to those balls here at BBV was that the deep stuff was a mistake. Here is Eli's explanation.

    "That’s just what the defense gave us. It’s not like we were calling plays to necessarily throw the ball down the field. We were calling crossing routes against man to man coverage where hopefully you are throwing the ball three or four yards and guys are just running away from defenders. That is the play that was called and then all of a sudden they pass it off, the safety sits down on the crossing route and now you’ve got a shot down the field so you take those opportunities," Manning said. "When you have opportunities where guys can run a post route and there is no middle safety I think you have to make those throws.

    "When you go through your reads, I see a receiver down the field running free, you’ve got to take those opportunities when you get them. You don’t force it, but we had opportunities. We’ve got to connect on those. Those are plays we have been making and we’ve just got to hit those."

    Sounds to me like Eli audibled to those longer routes.
    He just missed on the throws.