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How would you solve the Giants' problem at safety?

I have a question for you this morning, Big Blue View Nation. Actually, maybe several questions.

I know a lot of you spent a couple of seasons trying to run former New York Giant safety James Butler out of town, and were thrilled when Butler signed a free-agent contract to join Steve Spagnuolo with the St. Louis Rams.

After watching Butler's replacement, C.C. Brown, play completely inept football Sunday against the New Orleans Saints, how badly would you like to have Butler back in a Giant uniform? Like I said Monday, I think every Giants opponent the rest of the season will try to find Brown and throw the ball wherever he is supposed to be.

Butler is hardly Ed Reed, but I think it is inarguable that he is a better player than Brown.

Sacks Interceptions Tackles
G Sacks YdsL Int Yds IntTD Solo Ast Total
2009 - James Butler 2 0 0 1 0 0 8 4 12

I ask today not just for the sake of asking. Today happens to be the NFL trade deadline. Butler has been shelved for a few weeks with a knee injury, but appears near returning to the Rams' secondary. If you were Giants General Manager Jerry Reese would you dial up the Rams and offer a late-round draft choice, say anywhere from the fifth to seventh round, to bring Butler back to the Giants? I would. In a heartbeat. And if I was the 0-6 Rams, I would say yes. In a heartbeat.

If you wouldn't do that, how would you approach trying to solve the Giants' problem at safety? And please, don't tell me you don't think they have one.

Coach Tom Coughlin was asked Monday about moving a cornerback -- probably Terrell Thomas or Aaron Ross -- to safety if Ross ever gets healthy. All TC would say about this is "I sure would like to get our whole roster back."

So, is that a move you would make? Probably Ross to safety if he ever gets back on the field. He has the size (6-foot, 197 pounds) to play it.

Would you just bench Brown and give former Green Bay safety Aaron Rouse a shot? If you can't bring back Butler this is actually the move I would favor. I don't know if Rouse is better than Brown. I do know he can't be worse.

Would you bring Sha'reef Rashad or Vince Anderson off the practice squad and see if one of them can do a better job than Brown?

Is there currently a free agent you would go after? Or another player you would try and trade for? And don't say Troy Polamalu. Be realistic about what the Giants could actually obtain., as well as the fact that very few trades actually happen on deadline day in the NFL.

Vote in the poll and let us know what you think the Giants should do.