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Fantasy Football Friday: Giants vs. Chiefs Preview

This is an interesting game for fantasy purposes, because I think the Giants have the ability to blow the Chiefs away, but I wonder if they get a big lead whether they'll pull off the throttle or not. Sometimes, blowouts are terrible for fantasy football, especially if you have the QB or receivers. Anyway, here's my sit/start advice for this week:


Eli Manning, QB, NYG - I've finally made the leap. Eli Manning is a top 10 fantasy QB right now, especially against a team that's giving up 243 yards per game through the air (20th in the league). Eli's got a 104.3 QB rating, and even in a blowout like last week, where he barely threw the ball after half time, he still threw 2 TD passes. I'd expect a similar line this week against the Chiefs.

Steve Smith, WR, NYG - I love both Smith and Manningham, but I think in games like this one, Smith is the more valuable fantasy player, for one simple reason: first downs. If, like last week, the Giants are winning big, it'll be Smith's ability to move the chains and keep the clock moving that will see him get more targets than Manningham's big play ability.

Brandon Jacobs, RB, NYG - Call it a hunch, but with all the talk about his "tip-toeing" this week, I think the big guy's gonna come out looking to wreak havoc. Combined with Bradshaw's injury, I think Jacobs will take the lions share of the carries and be looking to prove the doubters wrong. I fully expect 100 yards and at least one touchdown.

Giants Defense - I think this one speaks for itself. If you have them, they should be starting anyway (seriously, there's no reason to waste a bench spot on a second defense), but after their dominating performance last week, play them until further notice.

Bobby Wade, WR, KC - This one should be a game time decision, based on whether Dwayne Bowe is playing or not. If he's not, definitely start Wade. You may be getting the sense that I'm expecting the Giants to win fairly easily, which I am. That means the Chiefs should be throwing a lot, and Matt Cassell is a much better QB than the tag-team the Bucs threw at the G-Men last week. If Bowe's out, Wade should be getting a lot of opportunites. If Bowe's in, however, I really have no idea which receiver will get more looks, and I'd just as soon stay away from both.


Ahmad Bradshaw, RB, NYG - I'm a little worried about his ankle, and I think Jacobs' is due for a big game. I wouldn't be surprised if Bradshaw saw limited action this week.

Larry Johnson, RB, KC - He's averaging 2.5 yards per carry so far this season, and I don't expect that to change much this week. After an awful game against the Cowboys, the Giants run D showed up in force last week, and I think they'll be back again against the Chiefs. The Larry Johnson who ran for 1700+ yards in 2005 and 2006 is long gone, and I don't think he's ever coming back.

Only if You Don't Have a Better Option

Matt Cassell, QB, KC - He's actually been pretty decent this season, but he's far from a great fantasy QB, and the Giants pass D has been stout this year (124 Yards per Game, best in the league, and only 2 TDs to 5 picks). I think he'll be passing a lot, but I'm not sure how effective his passing will be. I'd avoid him unless your starting QB has a bye.

Mario Manningham, WR, NYG - I pretty much explained my reasoning above, but basically I think the Giants are gonna be relying on the run game and keeping the chains moving with Steve Smith. Unless Manningham breaks a big play early, I don't think he'll have a huge impact this week.