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A few last words about Sunday's debacle

Here is a little bit of what is being said about the drubbing the Giants took at the hands of the Saints Sunday.My advice? Read 'em, then close the book and start looking ahead to Arizona.

Comment of the day

From 'mahmoodzaky'

"There’s no forseeable way to un-suck CC Brown."

Antonio Pierce (via Twitter)

Yes we lost and yes we are upset. But like all Champs we will bounce back. Some days things don't go ur way. Hats off to the Siants (sp).

Osi Umenyiora (Daily News)

"Of course, it's embarrassing. That is a good team, but they are not that good where they beat us by I don't know how many points they beat us by. It is very, very embarrassing. It is a humbling experience."

Tom Coughlin

Here is TC discussing the much-debated, disastrous decision to try and score at the end of the first half.

"We've done it in less time than that. We'd just made one play, we were in pretty good shape as far as being aggressive again, and the one thing that can't happen did happen."


Discussing the poor defensive effort.

"We could not stop them. There are no excuses. We played poorly. We have to regroup."

ESPN's Matt Mosley

Discussing the poor play of C.C. Brown.

They (the Giants) knew Brown didn't have the coverage skills of Kenny Phillips -- out for the season with a knee injury -- but they hoped he could elevate his game. On Sunday, he looked completely lost. Even when he was in position, Saints wide receivers treated him as nothing more than a nuisance.

"We had two people in spots a couple of times on the deep ball and didn't make a play," Coughlin said after the game. "They would go up and get the ball and we're standing on the ground. We've got to locate the ball and get up as if the ball is ours."

Brown finished with a team-leading 13 tackles, but too many of them came after huge gains by the Saints. I kept trying to figure out why the Giants didn't give recent addition Aaron Rouse a chance to play. It seemed punitive to let Brown endure the Brees-led onslaught.'s Peter King

Abysmal, pathetic, awful in all ways. Also just one game, against football's best team.