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Stay classy fellas

Already this morning I have deleted a slew of comments, issued warnings, bannings, etc. We lost a game, guys, big deal.

I will not put up with name-calling and personal attacks. These, by the way, are coming mostly from users who are relatively new here.

You want to be here? Act with some class. This site was built on intelligent, mature debate. It will stay that way. You have a problem with a troll? Flag the coment or e-mail me about it. DO NOT go off on a juvenile, name-calling rant. That will get you banned.

[Note by Jim Schmiedeberg, 10/19/09 10:40 AM EDT If I can just throw this in, let's also remember to watch our language in the open game threads. While I doubt anyone on this board has a fouler mouth than I do, we all have to do our best to control ourselves. I know yesterday was frustrating, but there were far too many f-bombs being dropped]