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Giants' recent history filled with bad losses

Today is a bad day for New York Giants fans, following Sunday's humbling 48-27 loss to the New Orleans Saints.

Let's remember, though, all is not lost. Far from it. The Giants are 5-1, firmly in control of the NFC East and appear headed for a fifth straight playoff appearance. Unless, of course, they have a total meltdown. I find that unlikely. They have too much talent.

Let's also remember that during those four playoff seasons under Tom Coughlin there have been embarrassingly bad losses in each of them.

  • 2005 -- A 45-23 loss at San Diego in Game 3.
  • 2006 -- A 42-30 loss at Seattle in Game 4, actually one of a handful of really bad losses for that team.
  • 2007 -- Season-opening 45-35 and 35-13 losses to Dallas and Green Bay, in which Steve Spagnuolo's defense looked awful. We know how that year ended up.
  • 2008 -- A 35-14 drubbing by Cleveland in Game 5 on a Monday night. That turned out to be a blip.

So, we justifiably feel awful today. But our Giants are still in first place, they are still pointed toward the playoffs and there are still 10 games left to try and fix the defensive pressure and coverage issues the Saints exposed on Sunday.

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