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Tom Coughlin, 10.15.09

Q:  Did anybody else besides Ross not work?

A:  Yes.  Do you have the names?

Q:  Boley, Canty, Ross and Bradshaw

A:  Yes.

Q:  Is Bradshaw getting the boot off tomorrow like usual?

A:  He will take some snaps tomorrow, yes.

Q:  Do you think it will be that way for awhile now?

A:  I really don’t know. The original thought was maybe starting next week or the week after he might get some snaps during the week, too.

Q:  Your thoughts on Eli and practice today.

A:  He practiced well.  He takes probably better than half of the snaps.  He takes all of the things that he needs to take and David Carr gets some work as well.  So it has worked well.

Q:  Justin Tuck went to the sideline a little bit today.  Is he okay?

A:  I think Mother Nature took over a couple of times.