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Advice to Brandon Jacobs: Remember who you are

Ralph Vacchiano has a great post detailing Brandon Jacobs' frustration with his inability to break loose thus far in 2009.

Here is a snippet.

"I’m just being patient and trying not to get too frustrated," Jacobs said. "Frustration is very much upon me, I’m going to be honest."

OK, so he’s frustrated. I think we get that. But what’s wrong? Why is he struggling, when Bradshaw - - behind the same line and against the same defenses - - is having such an impressive year?

"This year, people know what we like to do," Jacobs said. "And Ahmad is more … he can bounce around in those little creases and cracks and make a lot of big plays. Do I have the ability to do that? Yes. If I try to make plays like that, because I’m 265, 275 pounds, I’m not supposed to be doing that. Get it up there, hit into somebody, that’s what people want to see me do. If I don’t do it, I get criticized, if I do do it, I get criticized. I can’t win.

"Right now my stats aren’t very good, and people want to know why. That’s why," Jacobs added. "Because I have the ability to make plays with my feet, but when I try to, it’s the worst thing. I’m scum of the earth when I do that."

Ralph asked the right question, and to be honest I don't like Jacobs' answer. I don't want to hear him talk about patience any more. I don't want to hear him talk about bouncing around. I don't want to see him stutter-step at the line of scrimmage any more and look for a place to go.

I do not think his health is an issue at all. I want to see him hit the line of scrimmage with authority. If there isn't a hole I want to see him lower his shoulder and push the pile for a couple of yards. I want to see him punish defenses, not acquiesce to them.

In other words, I want to see him stop messing around and start running like Brandon Jacobs.