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'Monday Morning Quarterback' book review

I have to preface this post by saying I am not the world's biggest Peter King fan. I read his 'Monday Morning Quarterback' column every week simply because it has become pretty much required reading for anyone who writes about the NFL.

I bring that up because King is out with a book aptly titled -- what would you expect? -- 'Monday Morning Quarterback.' I received an advance copy of the book to review, and before you read what I have to say about the work I wanted to be sure you know where I stand on King.

The book is a compilation of King's favorite MMQB columns, with some updated commentary to set the scene or to give a little new insight to a dated topic.

To be honest, anti-King sentiment and all I was surprised at how much I enjoyed reading much of what is in the book. I love to learn behind the scenes details that don't come out in the day-to-day reporting and in the usual analysis stories and columns. I also love heartfelt stories that are well told. King's book includes both. FULL DISCLOSURE: I cheated and 'cherry-picked' my way through some of the book. I did skip a couple of the columns/chapters that held no interest for me.

There is a great chapter in the book about the twists and turns of how the Eli Manning to the Giants saga unfolded in 2004. The Giants came really, really close to just taking Ben Roethlisberger and skipping the whole thing.

There is another great chapter in the book about former Giant defensive end George Martin and his experiences walking to raise money for forgotten 9/11 victims.

There are chapters on greatest players of today, greatest players of all time, the things King would do if he was commissioner for a day, and a lot more.

If you love King, you will love this book. Even if you don't love King, or you don't read him regularly, you can find some things in 'Monday Morning Quarterback' that you will enjoy.