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Eli Manning, 10.12.09

Q. How does the foot feel the day after?

A. It feels good. I am able to move around and I didn’t have a setback by any means. It felt like it is getting better every day and getting to feel better by the end of this week.

Q. Do you think you will be able to take a full week of practice?

A. I think so. That is the goal. I would like to be in there, get every rep in practice and be out there with the guys and make sure that we are getting better each week. That is the thought process right now. Having today off and tomorrow off will give it some more rest and give it more time to heal up. It should be ready to go Wednesday.

Q. First time you will be playing at the Louisiana Superdome. What are your thoughts on that?

A. I’m excited about it. It is always fun to go to your hometown and play a game, especially since I was a Saints fan growing up. Seen many games in the Superdome. So, I am excited about the opportunity to go in there and get to play in the Superdome and expect a big game going against the Saints. They are playing extremely well this year, two undefeated teams, it should be a great atmosphere. I am looking forward to it. These are the games that are fun to play. I am excited about the opportunity to go back down to New Orleans.

Q. What is different about walking into the dome and playing there?

A. You grew up going there. I don’t remember when my dad, obviously my dad played there, I don’t remember watching him when he was playing. But, he was announcing games when I was growing up, so a lot of fond memories going to Saints games with my brothers and watching those. A place where you grew up a Saints fan, you’ve been into the stadium so many times and to go get to play there is something you look forward to.

Q. What comfort level does David Carr bring to your position group? How is he different from you and how do you learn from each other?

A. David has played in a lot of games and he tries to be my eyes on the sidelines. If I have some questions, how the safeties are playing, if they are getting wide or this and that. I tried to help him out when he was in the game and coming off the sidelines. He tries to do the same with me. We have good discussions in meetings about things and questions. We try to help each other out and it is good to have an experienced guy in the meetings and on the field with you.

Q. Do you see this game as a measuring stick?

A. It is an important game and an NFC team. I don’t know if it a measuring. We know they are very talented. Their defense is playing outstanding. Gregg Williams, the defensive coordinator, who we faced when he was at Washington a few years ago. Their offense is very explosive, they score a lot of points. It is a big game and they are playing very well this year. We have been playing pretty well also so hopefully we can keep that up and go in there and do our best and see if we can get a win out of there.

Q. Will you go back and watch some Washington tape to get a feel for Gregg Williams?

A. I don’t know. I haven’t seen anything yet. I will probably start watching the Saints. We could possibly go back and watch some Washington. I am not sure.

Q. Do you feel like you have a grasp yet of how good your team is and whether it is one of the best teams in the NFC?

A. We don’t really have to worry about where we stand against other people. We have to worry about going out there and playing the game each week and trying to find a way to get wins. We have to look at ourselves and see where we can improve from day to day and every week from the games. I think that is something we take a lot of pride in. Finding the mistakes, finding the little things we can get better on. That is what we have to do these next few days. Watch the game film from yesterday and see we did a lot of good things but there is still some stuff that we need to clean up.

Q. Facing this week of uncertainty and overcoming the adversity with your heel, what do you think that did for your team?

A. I don’t know if it did much for the team. Whatever the situation is and whatever we face week by week, there is always going to be new challenges or different things going on and we just have to stay focused on the job. You prepare your own preparation and setting this down, knowing what you’ve got to do and what the plays are. Then you’ve got to go out there and perform at a high level. You are going to have guys out, you are going to have different situations where things go right, things go wrong, it is just about adjusting and going out there and playing good football.

Q. When Jeremy Shockey got hurt before your Super Bowl run, was the fact that he wasn’t playing , did that in any way take pressure off you?

A. No, I don’t think so. Shockey was and is a tremendous player, a great talent, and a great teammate of mine for a number of years. He scored a lot of touchdowns, made a lot of big plays for us. When he got hurt we struggled for some time without him. Eventually we started playing better football, but we just kind of played better as a team. If we would have had him during that stretch, we could have been even stronger and been even better.

Q.What is it about Darren Sharper..he has four picks off you?

A. Yeah, I am keeping him in the Pro Bowl every year it seems like. He is a good player and I think he is second in interceptions for touchdowns in the history of the NFL. He obviously prepares and makes plays. When the ball is thrown to him, he makes the catches and makes good plays. You have to know where he is on the field.

Q. What do you have to do differently when you are facing a player like him?

A. You have to know what his tendencies are and watch him and make a decision. Make good reads, you can’t force things when he is near. He gets a good break on things and makes plays.

Q. How excited do you think Shockey is for this game?

A. Yeah I am sure he is excited for the game. I think he gets excited for every game. I am sure he will be ready to play.

Q. Were there any ill feelings at all with his ex-teammates or with you?

A. There were no ill feelings. Shockey was a tremendous player. I am sorry to see him go. We had a good relationship when he was here and everything was fine.

Q. When Shockey left and Tiki Barber retired there was talk that it was time for you to step up as a leader. Did you see it that way?

A. I didn’t notice anything different. I thought I had to continue to do my job and be a leader of the team as the quarterback. Be prepared to play each game and go out there and try to play good football.

Q. Can you talk about Ahmad Bradshaw?

A. Yeah, Ahmad has played terrific. We knew he had great talent. Last year he got, not lost in the shuffle, he still made big plays for us and was always very explosive, we just had three good running backs last year. Now he is the second back and he has always had the ability to make big plays. He has not been able practice a whole lot during the week and all of a sudden been able to come out on game day. He caught a screen that went 55 yards and a couple long runs. He is just explosive and a guy that is hard to tackle. He is very shifty and quick but also has power and can run over you.

Q. Is the power something new that he has added to his game?

A. I don’t think it is anything new, I think he has always had that. He is a talented player and he runs hard and very explosive. He is a very fun player to watch. You just have to get the ball in his hands and he can make some special things happen.

Q. You mention the screen pass to Bradshaw, you also hit Brandon Jacobs. Is this a dimension the Giants need to develop and will you develop it going forward?

A. Running backs are always important in pass routes. They are critical in opening up lanes for other people but also if people don’t cover them and try to stay in their zone to take away from the deeper routes they’ve got to get open and catch the ball to get positive yards. Yeah, you always like to get the ball downfield but we’ve got to get it in the backs hands also.