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JaMarcus Russell post-game, 10.11.09

Q .The performance today was not what you wanted? What did you think of the team’s effort?

A. It was kind of behind the eight-ball once again, but I think we kept fighting till the end.  We played against a great football team today and it showed, especially when we were not moving the football like we should and you have got to strike some kind of way against a team of that nature, got a good defense, offense is moving the ball.  Our offense, we just have to show up.

Q. How frustrating is it struggling on offense every week and now facing a great team?

A.  It can’t really be explained. We say we are not far on certain plays but not far is not going to get us where we need to be, you know we need to be there you know much closer than we are.

Q. After the fumble Gerard Warren was trying to calm you down, what was going on?

A. Just telling me to keep fighting, to stick in there.  When it catches you off guard like that, sometimes when you don’t feel it, a guy he is in full motion going right at the ball, if I see it, you can brace yourself for it, for such a collision that way.  He was telling me he was going to try to go out and get the ball back, so we can get a chance to get it to move the offense.

Q. Did he do it because he knew you were frustrated or because the situation called for it?

A.  He does it a lot, He tells me to keep fighting , he is going to get the ball back so we can move forward as an offense.

Q.  Did you feel comfortable behind the reshuffled offensive line.

A. I don’t really pay attention to who is in and when a guy is out, and that is a better situation for the guy who came in.  He has got to show what he can do to help and I expect that out of each and every one of the guys that came in the game so I don’t really pay much attention to it so I just do what I can do and control what I can control at times, like I said we played against a good group out there today and it shows.

Q. The sacks, they didn’t come from your blind side. Looked like you were locked in on your receivers. Did you feel the pressure, were you locked in, what happened?

A. Locked in, you know. Most of the time you feel it and you kind of get away from it and guys are there. Everywhere you look, guys are there making plays and they were just making plays today.

Q. What possible good can come out of this today?

A. The good things we did today; that’s always a plus, you know. It might not seem like it at the time but it’s always a plus to look from it. Hopefully we can gain a lot from it and just keep fighting. It’s got to be a brighter day. At the end of that tunnel, it’s got to be a brighter light.

Q. What good things?

A. Uh, you know, on certain plays, when you tell the guy is making the right step on a block, or anything positive you can pull out of what we did today. That would be a lot of help, I think."

Q. Dan Dierdorf said on TV today that you told him you were fined for being overweight. True?

A. (Smiles sheepishly) Uh, that was sorta the first, first day we came to practice. 

Q. Camp?

A. Yeah. So that’s over with.

Q. So it happened months ago?

A. (Still smiling) Yeah…thank you, guys.