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Warning! Warning! Promotion alert

[NOTE: I apologize in advance for the promotional nature of this post. It is, however, something I am obligated to do -- and has details you should know about anyway.]

You guys probably know by now that this blog's content is promoted at places like Yahoo! Sports, AOL Fanhouse, CSB Sportsline, USA Today, and other places.

Well, now -- through a very cool sponsorship deal between Sprint and our parent company, SB Nation -- Big Blue View content is available on NFL Mobile. If you have Sprint service, you may already have found our content at NFL Mobile Live. If you have access to it, click the 'My team' link and set Giants as your team -- if you haven't already.

What do I get out of this deal? It's full disclosure time. As part of the deal Sprint sent NFL bloggers, myself included, were given free Palm Pre phones and free service for a finite period.

What can you get, in addition to seeing BBV on NFL Mobile Live? Each week, Sprint is posting three Can't-Miss plays, if you vote in the contest you can enter to win Super Bowl tickets.

Let me tell you a little about the phone itself, and I'm not just going to sing its praises because it's a freebie. This is a great phone. I'm a guy who has always used a basic 'pay as you go' cell phone, so I have never had anything like this. Let me tell you, I'm going to have a tough time parting with it when my free service expires.

I used it over the weekend to listen to the radio broadcast of the Giants game while I was watching my son's rec league soccer game. It includes access to the Network, a bunch of other apps and a really handy slide out keyboard I find suprisingly easy to type on.

I apologize again for the promotional post. Please remember, though, none of the bloggers here at BBV -- or SBN as a whole -- is making a living from this. The phone is a nice perk for me. In the end, though, deals like this make the network a better place for you.