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Tom Coughlin, 10.01.09

Q:  How about Kenny Phillips surgery?

A:  From what I understand, very positive.  He is probably going to be back here in a little bit.  I don’t know exactly when but we’ll see him.  I know that the doctors felt good about it.  So we are very, very hopeful and optimistic. 

Q:  Microfracture?

A:  I think it was ……but you would have to clarify that somebody medically qualified to answer that.

Q:  Justin Tuck?

A:  He practiced. 

Q:  Ahmad Bradshaw?

A:  No, we are going to play it very close to the vest.  He may get some snaps tomorrow.  We are going to wait and see on that as well.

Q:  Aaron Ross?

A:  No, he didn’t practice today. 

Q:  Was that a setback?

A:  I don’t know if it was a setback, but he got into a couple of drills and didn’t feel real good. 

Q:  Kevin Dockery?

A:  Dockery did well; he did well.  There are a bunch of guys that are making good progress if you want to ask about them.  But Dockery did well.  Tuck seemed to do well.  We are getting there. 

Q:  Hakeem Nicks?

A:  Yeah, he did pretty much everything.  There was no limitation on him.  He felt good and wanted to do more yesterday and got a chance to do more today.

Q:  Is there any danger of ‘rust on him’?

A:  There is danger of rust on anybody if you are out for awhile.  He has a little time to work.  He has got this full week.

Q:  Can you talk a little bit about going against a 0-3 team this weekend.  They are obviously trying to prove something, trying to prove something at home.

A:  There is no doubt.  You are talking about a franchise that has a great fan base, great tradition.  Incredible players have gone through there.  New coach working his tail off trying to get his team to where he knows exactly what he has.  They have done some really good things.  I don’t look at it the way you do – I don’t look at the 0-3, I look at – two of the games were extremely close and we know the Philadelphia Eagles very well.  So you have to take spots and look for progress and know that there certainly is a lot of talent there.  We just have to do our – again, as I always say, we are concerned about our team and getting our team ready to play and being at our best and improving in the areas that we need to improve on.

Q:  Each week you guys have kind of fixed whatever you were lacking – the running game or defense.  Can you tell us this week what is the thing you guys can …..

A:  There are three or four things that we really have to do.  And some of those are on special teams, our cover teams.  We want to do a real good job with that.  We want to come right back and be as productive as we can in our offensive team with a good balance of run and pass.  Again, maybe get into some of the run after the catch aspects of what we are doing there with the passing game.  And on defense, continue to build on what we did a week ago.  And establish for our entire team the kind of consistency and reliability and dependability in the way in which we will play.  So we have a lot of things that we are trying to get into the right speed, if you will, or the right consistency, the right production, the quality of our play to a higher level.

Q:  Any update on Sintim?

A:  He practiced.  He did a good job.  He is doing more each time.