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Phillips has surgery, and other New York Giants notes


New York Giants safety Kenny Phillips used his blog Wednesday to announce that Dr. James Andrews had operated on Phillips' injured knee. This is called controlling the message.

This kind of injury takes a long time to heal. It’s a long process, I can’t even run for 4-5 months. It’s going to be a while before I’m back to 100 percent.

At first this whole thing really threw me. I mean, we got off to a good start, I had a good training camp, we’re undefeated, everything was going the right way and then the injury occurred.

I thought this was going to be a great year for me and the team. To no longer be a part of the team, it hurts, it really does. But I believe that everything happens for a reason. I feel God has something better in store for me so all I can do is wait.

Nothing major at first, just icing and massages. I might get off these crutches in about 8 weeks.

Phillips did not announce the type of surgery used to help alleviate the patellofemoral arthritis he suffers from.Mike Garafolo of the Star-Ledger reported that Phillips underwent micro-fracture surgery.

  • Eli Manning will be asked about wide receivers at every stop all season long. He was again Wednesday, and was very complimentary -- with good reason -- toward his young receivers.

"I knew these guys were going to be able to make some plays for us and they go out there and know what they are supposed to do. They have a lot of talent, a lot of explosiveness in them and have big play potential. But they have done all of the little things right. They have done a great job of making the plays when they are there. But still we have to keep learning. There are still some things that we need to do better," Manning said. "They have done a great job communicating with me, listening to what I’m saying, trying to ask questions, understanding and making sure we are on the same page."

  • From Ralph Vacchiano, running back Ahmad Bradshaw says there is "no doubt" he will play Sunday.
  • Justin Tuck says his injured shoulder is improving.
  • SITE NOTE: Just wanted to let you guys know that September was the biggest month in Big Blue View history, in terms of traffic. About 215,000 unique visitors to our little corner of the Inter-Google, and 380,000 page views. Amazing -- that's all I can say.