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New York Giants' notebook, 1.09.09


Here are some Friday morning New York Giants' notes.

"You build up rivalries, you have people that you don't like, and you're just tired of one another," Giants linebacker Antonio Pierce said. "It's like training camp. When you face each other all the time, you start to dislike them. It's no different when you play a divisional team for the third time. You start having a little bit more anger."

  • Giants' offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride insists winning got him an interview with the Oakland Raiders for their head-coaching job. He denies seeking the interview on his own.
  • Philadelphia Daily News columnist Rich Hoffman says that if the Eagles win Sunday they can thank Plaxico Burress.

When Burress accidentally shot himself in the thigh in that nightclub, it gave the Eagles (and the thigh) their opening - and they all know it, everybody on both sides. ... Some people say it isn't that simple, but it really is.

  • With all the hype surrounding the Eagles this week the Giants are feeling like underdogs. We have discussed before how the Giants seem to love that mentality, and radio play-by-play man Bob Papa agrees.

"This team loves being the underdog. ... It's a very intriguing mental dynamic that this team has, but it works for them."

  • The Giants did not sack Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb in either of their games this season. They know that needs to change Sunday.
  • Domenik Hixon is hoping for a shot at returning kicks on Sunday. I am hoping the Giants give it to him, since he is easily their best weapon on both punt and kickoff returns.
  • Giants' safety Kenny Phillips is hoping to have a big impact Sunday, especiall against Brian Westbrook.