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New York Giants' notebook, 01.08.09


Peter King of came out with his 2008 All-Pro Team on Wednesday. I was a little surprised by the two Giants King selected -- defensive tackle Fred Robbins and center Shaun O'Hara.

Both of them are terrific players and probably deserve the nod, but it is usually commonly accepted that the Giants' best offensive lineman is Chree Snee and best defensive lineman is Justin Tuck.

Oh, that idiot wide receiver who played for the Giants before shooting himself made Don Banks' 2008 All-Disappointment Team. So did that tight end who got himself traded to New Orleans.

  • Speaking of Tuck, his ailing knee is still a concern heading into Sunday's game. We have to hope he is at least close to healthy because the Giants need him to make some plays.
  • As for Snee, he took a little jab at quarterback Eli Manning Wednesday. By the way, I keep seeing references to the ESPN the Magazine article with the Giants' offensive line on the cover. How come mine showed up with the Tennessee Titans defensive line on the front? I do live in New York.
  • Michael Strahan shared some perspective on this weekend's Eagles-Giants matchup with the Philadelphia Daily News. Among other things, Strahan wonders why Donovan McNabb doesn't get more love from Philly fans. It's a good question.

Here are a couple of non-Giants thought for the day.

  • The Browns have hired Eric Mangini as coach. Mangini's former team, the New York Jets, have become a laughingstock. The Jets have the Brett Favre fiasco. They blew a chance to get Bill Cowher as coach because owner Woody Johnson decided to go on vacation instead of interviewing the guy. They helped get a college coach (Jeff Jagodzinski) fired by talking to him without the school's permission. What a mess! Thank God I'm not a Jets' fan.
  • 'Pacman' Jones is apparently 'surprised' by his release from the Cowboys. There are really only two surprises here. One, that it took the Cowboys this long. Two, that the young man is still alive considering all the trouble he finds.