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Jacobs 'can't wait for game day'

Great news from Ralph Vacchiano today in regards to Brandon Jacobs.

The Giants’ big running back said a few minutes ago that he feels as good as he has since way back in Week 3 and that the sprained PCL in his left knee is no longer an issue. In fact, he felt so good that he’s apparently been a ball of energy all day long - so much so that Tom Coughlin had to do his best to rein him in.

“All day long he’s been saying, ‘Brandon, you’ve got to remember the game is on Sunday,’” Jacobs said. “I’m wired. You’ve got to understand, I haven’t played the last two weeks and I feel like my production’s been down when I have played.” ...

After sitting out the Giants’ season finale and resting during the bye week too, it looks like Jacobs will be healthy enough to make a difference when the Giants face the Eagles on Sunday.

“I can go out and run full speed. I can make all the cuts. I feel real good,” Jacobs said. “I can’t wait for game day.”

The Eagles had better be ready. The big fella is coming, and I don't think he will be hurdling any would-be tacklers.