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TC talks, but doesn't say much

Here are some highlights from Tom Coughlin's press conference today. As you might expect, the Giants' coach was very vague about everything, from injuries to planning for Brian Westbrook.

On injuries.

They seem to be doing okay. I am not going to say what their status will be on Wednesday. We will take full advantage of today and tomorrow to get ourselves closer to that. But hopefully we can work even if it is in a limited basis. But we will see.

On Westbrook.

He is a guy that you have got to try to do everything that you can. However, as you notice there are many playmakers out there – Jackson, Curtis. There are a lot of guys that made many, many plays and helped yesterday. So an awareness of where Westbrook is and trying to do a good job of being in position to get many people around and be a part of the tackling because he is so good at breaking tackles; the individual one-tackler type thing. And he is able because he is strong and he has a good straight arm and that type of thing to break tackles. So you have to have a lot of people arrive on the spot.

On Steve Spagnuolo's interviews.

No, it won’t be a distraction. I have talked to him. He has tried to keep me posted but there isn’t any doubt in my mind that his focus is right here preparing for the Philadelphia Eagles. Last week was a League-wide opportunity for anybody who was in the bye week and a couple of days were set aside for this according to those rules. And they did not interfere with anything that we are doing here. And he, as always, is very much focused on the job at hand.

On whether losing three of four to end the season will affect the Giants at all.

Anytime you lose you are upset and anytime you win you feel pretty good about it. But it never stops your ability to try to improve, to make corrections, to get your team individually and as a group playing better. And that is the thing that we have been focusing on. So that is what is most important to me. The regular season is over, whatever the numbers might be. We have been cast into a situation where we had the bye. You heard me say that I thought the bye was good for our team. I don’t know that I would necessarily say that every year. In this case, I thought it was. And so therefore we worked, we studied, and had an opportunity to have a weekend without a game and now we are back to work.

This sure does promise to be an entertaining week. There will be a lot written and a lot said, so stay tuned.