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Toomer's 'clarification,' and other notes


Amani Toomer may have meant to clarify his comments criticizing the Giants coaching staff. But what he said Wednesday on his own Web site still sounded like criticism to me.

Judge for yourself. Here is one segment.

"No, I absolutely did not intend to criticize nor did I criticize the coaching staff's game plans," Toomer said. "What I did say was that I thought the team as a whole had less focus this year than they did last year and that I almost could see this loss coming. That has nothing to do with the coaches."

But then, he mentions again how he was underutilized. And if that's not directed at the coaches, I don't know what is.

"I do however feel that I was underutilized in the last few games and as I told you earlier in an interview, I thought it was probably to try and develop the younger players," Toomer said. "But it is true that I believe I could have made a greater contribution than I did. So, I think some of what got reported was inaccurate."

  • Justin Tuck is in Tampa this week making some appearances before Sunday's Super Bowl. He admits he isn't happy about not playing in the game.

"I'm not going to lie to you," Tuck said. "I'm envious. Because I know, me and all my teammates know, what we're missing." Tuck pausing before saying, "It was the greatest experience of my football career. And once you've had it, you can't imagine that it might never happen for you that way again. Once you have an experience like that as an athlete, you want to do anything in your power to make your way back to it."

  • We have talked here at length about the possibility of Arizona's Anquan Boldin being a Giant next season. Well, his Cardinal cohort at wide receiver, Larry Fitzgerald, now says he would be willing to give up some money to keep Boldin in Arizona.
  • Not a big thing, but defensive quality control coach Andre Curtis is leaving the Giants to join Steve Spagnuolo in St. Louis. What does a defensive quality control coach do, anyway?
  • It looks like Kevin Gilbride won't be getting the Oakland head-coaching job. I know you guys are thrilled with that news.