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Wednesday Walk, 1.28.09


Our man 'jrs' has been feeling a tad under the weather the past few days. So, I will pinch-hit with this week's 'Wednesday Walk.'

  • The Giants aren't in the Super Bowl, but they will be getting some rings, anyway. That's because police have recovered 27 Giants Super Bowl rings stolen last summer. Do you guys remember hearing about this theft? I don't.
  • I don't know about you guys, but I am looking forward to Bruce Springsteen's halftime performance on Sunday more than I am the Super Bowl itself.
  • ESPN's Matt Mosley says Dan Reeves should not be a consultant for the Dallas Cowboys. He should be the head coach.
  • Chargers' star LaDainian Tomlinson and General Manager A.J. Smith try to patch up their differences.
  • Simeon Rice apparently won't be inviting ex-Tampa Bay coach Jon Gruden to dinner any time soon. In an interview, he called Gruden "a scumbag."
  • President Obama is apparently rooting for Pittsburgh on Sunday.