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Ocho Cinco? Stupid, stupid rumors

Ridiculous! Complete, utter nonsense! Lunacy! Irresponsible off-season rumor-mongering at its absolute worst -- or best, depending on your point of view.

That's my reaction to the off-the-wall rumor from Pro Football Weekly that the New York Giants have interest in the egomaniacal Chad 'Ocho Cinco' Johnson of the Cincinnati Bengals.

Chad Ocho Cinco to the Giants? Hang on a minute. Yes, rumors have floated that the Giants might be interested in adding a receiver, especially given Plaxico Burress’ legal situation and the fact that Amani Toomer is a free agent and not likely to be back. But as much as GM Jerry Reese likes talent, we hear there might be some people in the organization who would oppose the move, given Ocho Cinco’s histrionics and the potential clash it might cause with the businesslike atmosphere head coach Tom Coughlin has worked hard to establish. That said, the Giants would be buying low. Ocho Cinco is coming off his worst season since becoming a star, and the Bengals are said to be willing to move him at a friendly price.

Rumor? From where? The devious mind of some bored, attention-starved editor at PFW?

This makes no sense at all, and will never happen. Going out of their way to trade for trouble is simply not how the Giants do business, and I can't imagine there being anything real to this.

It's probably not even worth the time and effort I have already wasted getting all worked up about it. If the Giants want a headache, they can just keep Burress.

-- Kudos to 'Giants Gab.'