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Random thoughts for a Saturday

Just a few notes today.

  • Great stuff Friday from Mike Garafolo in a phone conversation with Giants' wide receiver Taye Biddle as the recently shot Biddle was leaving the hospital. Biddle sounds like a great kid who you have to root for.
  • I can't figure out this Dan Reeves to the 49ers as offensive coordinator possibility. What is Reeves, a head coach for 23 years, thinking? What on earth are the 49ers thinking? Reeves is 65, hasn't coached since 2003 and is hardly an offensive guru.'s Adam Schechter wonders if San Francisco is putting itself in position to make a run at Michael Vick.
  • No big surprise to me that Herman Edwards has been fired by the Kansas city Chiefs. The amazing thing to me is that between stints with the Jets and Chiefs Edwards lasted 7 seasons as an NFL head coach. He has a 54-74 career record and, to me, has always been in over his head.
  • The Fifth Down says the New York Jets have to move on without Brett Favre. I agree. Favre, simply, is not that good anymore and the Jets need to go forward.
  • The Senior Bowl is tonight. You can watch if you have the NFL Network.