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ESPN's Mosley defends Eli

I love to pick on ESPN's Matt Mosley because of his roots as a Dallas Cowboys beat reporter. Today, though, I am a big fan.

In a mailbag posted Wednesday Mosley had the following exchange with a reader regarding Eli Manning.

Dave from Asheville, N.C., had this to say: I think the root of the Giants' problems is the thought that Eli Manning is the right guy behind center. If it were up to me, I would save the salary-cap room and let him go, but what other options are there for quarterbacks. To me, Manning has never been the center of our team, it's been the defense and the running game.

Mosley: Please tell me Dave's alone on this. I know it's disappointing to lose in the divisional round after such a great regular season. But Manning's a year removed from leading you to the Super Bowl. I just can't imagine why anyone would turn on the guy already. Yes, the defense has been a big part of the team's success. But Manning's willingness to take on more of a leadership role has been huge. And though he was dreadful against the Eagles in the playoffs, he's earned some margin for error based on his 2007 performance. I really hope Dave's a voice in the wilderness on this.

Thank you, Matt.

Dave, I hope you're not out there reading this. Dump Eli to save salary-cap room? That might be about the stupidest suggestion I've seen since I started this site two seasons ago. I seriously hope none of you out there in BBV Nation are with Dave on this one.

Sure, be upset that he didn't play well in the playoffs against the Eagles. No one is perfect. Remember, though, that's as much Kevin Gilbride's fault as it is Eli's. Manning is a 28-year-old with a Super Bowl MVP in his pocket and is coming off the best regular season of his career.

The Giants have done a lot of winning with Eli as their quarterback. They will do a lot more before his career is finished, and he very well might end up being thought of as the best quarterback in team history.

Dump him to the curb to save salary cap room? That's just silly.