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Wednesday Walk Around the League: 1-21-09


Another Wednesday has arrived Giants fans, and as we continue to cope with life without Giants football, here are some stories making headlines around the NFL:

  • The Dallas Morning News tells us just what an undisciplined mess the Dallas Cowboys are.
  • Ok, I promise, just one last thing on the Cowboys. Just when you thought we don't have enough reasons to hate Dallas, The Sporting News says we may get another.
  • According to new Miami owner Stephen Ross, Duane Charles Parcells will remain with the Dolphins as Veep of Football Operations. But we've all been following football long enough to know nothing with "Tuna" is set in stone.
  • With apologies to the good folks at "Revenge of the Birds", after living in Phoenix for 7 years, I've long maintained that Arizona fans in general are among the worst I've ever encountered. They are very sore losers, very anti-NY, and as exampled here, are extremely sore winners. Good-natured ribbing is one thing, damaging a man's property is another. In a very dry climate, this stupid prank could have been catastrophic. It's called "learning how to win" AZ fans, look into it.
  • I know its early, but I bring you the first 2009 Mock Draft. I would love to see the Giants draft a Rutgers kid in the 1st round, as this mock suggests.

Final NFL Thoughts:

  • The hit on Willis McGahee the other day was one of the most brutal collisions I've ever seen. It looked like a car crash at full speed. Both players are lucky it wasn't more serious than it was.
  • Donovan McNabb isn't to blame for the 24 points in the first half Eagle fans, cut the guy some slack. Someday he'll be gone, and you'll say, "Sure wish we had a guy like Donovan".
  • The Jets made a good choice in Rex Ryan, can't wait to see how they screw it up.

Final Un-NFL Thoughts:

  • "Lost" returns tonight, and mrs.jrs1940 and I can't wait. It's the best and most frustrating show on TV, and we've spent way too much time in our house obsessing over it.
  • The new Springsteen CD "Workin on a Dream" is streaming live for free all this week on I'm listening to it while I write this, and its great stuff. Much more upbeat than "Magic", sounds like Bruce is looking to put a more positive message out there, and we could use it.