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The waiting is the hardest part


The worst thing about the Super Bowl -- other than the fact that our New York Giants are not in it this time -- is the interminable two-week wait for the game.

That gives us way too much time to hear or read about the same stories over and over and over again.

Here are some of the stories that I know you will be tired of long before the Arizona Cardinals and Pittsburgh Steelers meet in Super Bowl XLIII. If, that is, you aren't tired of them already.

  • The Anquan Boldin saga. Has he turned into T.O., or something even worse? Will he be a distraction for the Cardinals? Was Sunday's sideline blowup an aberration the team can easily put behind it? Can Boldin be effective against the Steelers now that he is at the center of a circus?
  • Is Kurt Warner a Hall of Famer? You will hear this pretty much every time Warner is discussed between now and game time. Shoot, you will probably hear it during the game, too. My answer is, yes. Three Super Bowl appearances, an MVP, a Super Bowl MVP, the NFL all-time leader in passing yards per game, and second all time in completion percentage. How much doubt can there be?
  • The resurrection of Edgerrin James during the playoffs. Oh, and questions for James about whether or not he has changed his mind about wanting out of Arizona after the Super Bowl.
  • Ken Whisenhunt vs. the Steelers. How much of an advantage for the Cardinals is it that their head coach was Pittsburgh's offensive coordinator just a couple of seasons ago?
  • How did the historically awful Arizona Cardinals end up in the Super Bowl? After all, they haven't won anything in 60 years.
  • Todd Haley. The Cardinals offensive coordinator is the new hot assistant coach. You'll read about him being a candidate for any remaining openings, and some jobs (like Dallas) that aren't 'officially' open. Could Haley be the next Brian Billick? Remember, Billick was thought to be an offensive genius before becoming Baltimore head coach. Turned out all his genius involved was 'throw the ball to Randy Moss.' For Haley, it's 'throw the ball to Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin.'