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Scouting report on Spags

The 'SportsGuru' over at our fine Denver Broncos' blog, Mile High Report, asked me for some thoughts on Steve Spagnuolo, whom we know is on the list of potential candidates for the Broncos' head coaching job.

Here is some of what I wrote.

Tom Coughlin has done a great many wonderful things since becoming head coach of the New York Giants in 2004. Probably the best thing he has ever done is to hire Steve Spagnuolo as defensive coordinator two seasons ago. ...

We would love to keep Spags in New York. At Big Blue View we have often talked about him becoming 'head coach in waiting' and succeeding Coughlin. But, TC is not going anywhere in the near future so, realistically, we know that won't happen.

You can see all of what I wrote over at Mile High Report.