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Giants Notes 1-19


While the Cardinals and Steelers bask in the glow, here are a few Giants notes on a Monday:

According to Newsday, LB Coach Bill Sheridan is the top candidate to replace Spagnuolo. Also, he reports that Kevin Gilbride is still in the running for the Oakland job, but the Raiders have hired John Fassel as Special Teams Coordinator, so that may indicate who they are leaning towards. also takes a look at the list of candidates, and reports that Dom Capers is off the list, he took the job as the Packers D-Coordinator.

Zac from the Examiner thinks T.O. and the Giants are a perfect fit. In a related story, I just threwup in my mouth a little.

There is a movie making noise at the Sundance Film Festival, and it involves the New York Giants. This sounds like it could be a good movie, Patton Oswalt is a pretty funny guy, and I love that shirt!

One last thing, if you get a chance, stop by Revenge Of The Birds and Behind the Steel Curtain and congratulate those guys. Remember last year it was us receiving all the kind words from other team's fans, now it our turn to pay it forward.