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Forget about Boldin

Just a couple of quick thoughts this morning.

  • Cross Arizona's Anquan Boldin off the list of potential targets for the Giants at wide receiver. Tom Rock of Newsday does a great job calling out Boldin for his sideline tirade near the end of Sunday's NFC Championship Game. Mike Freeman of CBS Sportsline went even further, calling Boldin a 'jackass.' Boldin apparently continued his tirade after the game, refusing to celebrate the Super Bowl berth with his teammates. Sorry, I want nothing to do with a player who acts like that during and after the biggest game of his team's season. 'Kudos' to Pro Football Talk for the Freeman find.
  • The fact that Arizona and Pittsburgh are in the Super Bowl and Philadelphia and Pittsburgh are comes down, to me, to one simple fact. Quarterback play. In the NFC game, Kurt Warner made the plays he had to make while Donovan McNabb misfired on quite a few plays that were there to be made. In the AFC game, Ben Roethlisberger was able to move around and make things happen under duress, while Joe Flacco played like an overmatched rookie. Don Banks of has more on the quarterbacks.
  • Next on my list of off-season questions are looks at the defensive line and linebackers. I am going to put that off until we know who the defensive coordinator will be, though.