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TC not sure he wants Plax


General Manager Jerry Reese might be open to the idea of Plaxico Burress returning to the New York Giants. Eli Manning, Brandon Jacobs, Justin Tuck and Antonio Pierce might be OK with it.

Whatever slim chance Burress has of being a Giant for the 2009 season will be no chance at all if coach Tom Coughlin is not on board. And right now, it sounds like he's not.

"You know what, I'm not ready to say that because we need to sit down and think about it and talk about that and see what the circumstance stance might be," Coughlin said. "And I told everyone, I told the world that Plaxico is a member of our team and I am concerned about him, for his well-being and that of his family. But the issues I have to think about is there are 52 guys in that locker room as well."

If TC doesn't think he can coach Plax, or doesn't want to invest the effort, it won't happen. I can't imagine Reese forcing the coach to accept a headache he doesn't want.

Here are a few other Giants' notes today as we continue our transition into off-season mode.