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New York Giants' notebook, 1.13.09

Here are some New York Giants' notes as we continue to review the wreckage left by the Giants' season-ending loss to the Philadelphia Eagles Sunday.

Coughlin: Plays on the field weren't made

Plaxico Burress just destroyed one season. But he is still 6-foot-5 and one of the best wide receivers in pro football, so the Giants say they are ready to welcome him back with open arms.

So he can destroy another one.

This is a bad idea, and before it turns into reality, the Giants should put an end to it now. They cannot take Burress back, not after his reckless behavior in that Manhattan nightclub was the single biggest factor in this shot at greatness wasted. ...

The Giants still need that game-changing receiver, and it is up to Reese to find one. But he needs to find another one, preferably one who didn't spend the first half of the season unapologetically breaking team rules and the second half in handcuffs.

Burress already ruined this season for the Giants. They shouldn’t give him the chance to ruin another. He was a huge distraction with his irresponsibility — he was suspended one game, benched the first quarter of another — even before he pulled the trigger. By the time Burress shot himself, there was no mechanism for the Giants to get a quality replacement for the playoff run. Now they have eight months to find someone else.