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'NYcON' wins a copy of TC's book

Jacobs_small_medium We have a winner in our Week 1 Caption Contest.

'NYcON,' a fairly new member of Big Blue View Nation, but one who is becoming a regular commenter, earned himself a copy of Tom Coughlin's book "A Team to Believe In."

His winning entry for the photo of Brandon Jacobs steamrolling Washington's Laron Landry?

Jacobs irons out the Landry

There were several other good entries, but that one was clearly the best.

If you didn't win, there is still hope. Courtesy of Random House I have four more copies of the book to give away. We will have caption contest following each of the next four games to determine who gets the remaining books.


Here is Eli Manning on Michael Strahan's prediction that the Dallas Cowboys will win the Super Bowl.

"You know he is media now, so that is what happens when you go to the dark side," Manning said this morning.


THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD: We have had plenty of fun here at BBV picking on the New York Jets because they haven't even been good enough to get their own blog here on Sports Blogs Nation. Well, we can still pick on the Jets. The fellas in green have moved up in the world, though, because SBN has launched a new Jets' blog. Stop by Gang Green Nation and give 'em a Giants' style hello! Be nice, but make sure they understand they are still No. 2 around here.


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