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New York Giants' Monday notebook, 09.08

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The biggest news from the first Sunday of the NFL season has to be the season-ending knee injury suffered by New England's Tom Brady.

This from It's just a little more than what 'jrs' reported Sunday night.

The fear now is that Tom Brady suffered damage to his ACL and MCL in his left knee, which would mean the Patriots quarterback would be sidelined eight months, reports NFL Network’s Adam Schefter. More medical tests are pending Monday.

“It’s not good,” said one source.

Meanwhile, free-agent quarterback Chris Simms is scheduled to arrive in New England Monday morning for a workout and a physical, Schefter reports. If all goes well, Simms could be a Patriot by the end of the day. Kansas City and Tennessee, each of whom had quarterbacks suffer significant injuries on Sunday, also have contacted Simms.

Patriots coach Bill Belichick had little to add about Brady during his postgame press conference, saying he had no update on the status of the injury and that tests were being done. We now have the video of Brady’s injury.

“They’re looking at him, doing some tests on him, so I don’t have any information there,” Belichick said, cracking a smile as he added, “doubt anybody’s interested.”

Belichick knows -- everybody is interested. I guess now we find out what sort of genius Belichick is without his star quarterback.


On to some Giants' notes:

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