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Coughlin explains Bradshaw's absence

Some of you wondered why Ahmad Bradshaw never got into Thursday's game. Here is Tom Coughlin's explanation.

How about Ahmad Bradshaw not getting any carries?

That was my fault. I didn’t get that rotation worked out the way I really would want to. One of the things was I thought that the runs that we were making… let’s face it, you are talking about a really very, very physical defense now, a defense that was eighth in the league last year. You are lining up against a very physical, stout defense, an outstanding front, (Jason) Taylor played pretty much the whole game so they were intact with the exception of Springs, who I know they missed having on the field. When we were making yards they were tough yards and I was pleased with some of the things that were happening with Jacobs and then with Derrick Ward. Not that I am not pleased with Bradshaw. No, that is not the case, but I just didn’t get the right rotation.

Is that a tough thing for you? Dividing up 30 or so carries between three running backs?

It is not easy, but the roles will develop. The roles will get better. Fortunately for us, what we have are guys that can do all three, to be honest with you. They can pass protect, they know the pass protection rules, they have done a good job with that in the past, and so we don’t particularly spot them in and out on any one down. It normally plays itself out because all those guys you know you have to be involved in special teams as well. Bradshaw has his multiple special teams assignments, Derrick Ward has special teams assignments.

Bradshaw will get plenty of opportunities to help this team. It is impossible, though, to split carries between three backs without somebody drawing the short straw once in a while. Thursday, the short straw belonged to Bradshaw.

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