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Kiwanuka OK after scary finish

The biggest news today is that Mathias Kiwanuka is fine following a scare on the final play of last night's 16-7 victory over Washington.

In case you missed the play, it looked like Washington's Chris Samuels grabbed Kiwanuka's leg as he went by in pursuit of Redskins quarterback Jason Campbell on the final play. I thought it was unnecessary.

Yahoo! Sports is reporting that Kiwanuka did suffer a minor ankle injury on the play. Giants' defensive end Justin Tuck expressed what I'm sure everyone felt when he saw Kiwanuka go down.

"I wish I could repeat the words that were coming out of my mouth, but you can’t put them on TV," Tuck. "The last thing we can have is a very important guy like Kiwanuka go out. To see him up and walking around was encouraging."


Here are some other stories of interest following the Giants' season-opening victory.

  • The New York Post's Mike Vaccaro says it is too soon to tell what the season holds for the Giants. By the way, there are so many Giants' stories on the Post's Web site today it is ridiculous. You could spend all day there.


ELI IS THE MANN: Newsday's Wallace Matthews says Eli Manning, not that other guy who plays for the Jets, is the No. 1 quarterback in New York. I agree. He is the Super Bowl MVP, and the other guy has not played a game for a New York team yet.


BURRESS' BIG NIGHT: It was a huge night for Plaxico Burress, on the field and off. A happy, healthy Plax is a great thing to see.


FANS MAKE STATEMENT: It was a great, celebratory night. Giants' fans, though, still managed to express their displeasure with the Giants' decision to use PSLs in their new stadium.


DOMINATING 'D':'s Don Banks says reports of the demise of the Giants' defense appear to be premature. That should hardly be a surprise to anyone who actually understands how deep and talented this unit actually was last season. The pass rush will be fine, provided the Giants stay healthy.

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