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'Greek' returns, and makes Giants' fans happy


[EDITOR'S NOTE: 'The Greek' is back for another season of 'attempting' to pick NFL games. 'Greek's' nickname is actually a joke between he and I.

'Greek' is really a Jewish guy named Bryan who happens to be a friend and golfing buddy of mine. He's a Bills' fan, and we use 'Greek' in honor of Jimmy 'The Greek' Snyder, and because his picks would otherwise go under 'Bryan G.,' which happens to be the moniker of our Buffalo Rumblings blogger.

'Greek' went 123-123-10 during the regular season, and 9-4 in the playoffs last season. Let's see how he does this time around.

Anyway, on with the picks.]

Welcome back to another season of half-assed NFL picks. This year however, I promise to use my full ass when making my picks or your money back. As we ended last season, so shall we begin this one, with one game on the slate featuring the Super Bowl Champion New York Giants. With all my pro-Giants obligations fulfilled for posting on this site, let's get to the pick for tonight's season opener.

NY Giants (-4) over Washington - Picking games in this division is always tough, and this opener does nothing to change that. New faces on both sides, old pros/hall of famers have left, the emotion of the champs coming home for the first time for a real game. So many questions that will be answered in just a few short hours. Until then, to quote the great Ric Flair "to be the man, you have to beat the man." The Giants are the man until someone else proves otherwise, and I don't see that happening tonight.