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Burress fined, fined and fined some more

It seems like all we talk about lately is wide receiver Plaxico Burress. Yet, with information like what was provided by Jay Glazer of FOX Sports on Sunday, the behavior of the New York Giants' star wide receiver is a topic that just won't die.

Here is part of Glazer's report.

FOX Sports has learned that during his tenure with the Giants, Burress has been fined by the team between 40 and 50 times, a stunning number considering he's played just 50 games with the Big Blue.

"He's been fined for missing treatment, meetings, showing up late ... there's probably been 10 times this year alone," said one source.

According to several team sources, Burress has not seemed overly affected by being hit in the wallet this often. What did affect him, however, was the Giants preventing Burress from playing in the next game.

"That really bothered him," said another source who requested anonymity. "He doesn't care about the fines but if you don't let him play ... that's all he cares about. He just wants to play football. He pretty much put Jerry Reese and Coach in a bad spot on this one. It had to stop and just fining him again wasn't going to do it."

Forty or 50 fines? Wow! It's becoming more and more obvious that Plax, as great a player as he is, mght be the one Giant not buying Tom Coughlin's 'team above self' philosophy.

With his new contract the Giants have been more than fair to Burress. Knowing this, though, you have to begin to wonder about Burress' long-term future with the Giants.