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Giants, Burress working on settlement

The New York Giants and Plaxico Burress are apparently working on a settlement of the wide reciever's suspension.

Here is Ralph Vacchiano's take on what is going on.

The talks are between the lawyers from both sides and don’t involve the Giants and Burress directly, from what I’ve been told, and the NFLPA is not going to file a non-injury grievance until those talks run their course. Their hope is to have some resolution, or a date for a hearing, set by the close of business tomorrow.

If there is a settlement, don’t expect Burress to be reinstated. Unless that decision is forced upon the Giants, it’s hard to see them agreeing to lift the suspension because that would certainly appear to severly undermine Tom Coughlin’s and the organization’s authority. The message would be: Follow my rules, or I will punish you … until I get pressured by the NFLPA and Management Council to lighten up, in which case I will give in.

That doesn’t sound like something Coughlin (or the Giants) would agree to do.

Much more likely, the discussions are about the financial aspect of Burress’ suspension — specifically that he will be missing two weeks of pay ($235,294.12) and two weeks worth of his roster bonus (reportedly another $200,000). My guess is, he’s looking to either be paid during his suspension, or have the cost cut in half since he’s only missing one game (and since it’s unlikely he would’ve been hit with a two-week suspension if the Giants weren’t on a bye).

Stay tuned. For sure, we will hear more about this.