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Wednesday Walk Around The NFL, 09.17

It's Wednesday, Giants fans, and that means it is time to take our weekly look at stories making headlines around the NFL:

  • Ed Hochuli is still Public Enemy Number One in San Diego. Imagine if this had happened to one of the NY teams, and not to laid back San Diego.
  • From SB Nation's "Bolts from the Blue", Chargers fan Rexx has a great take on why the Chargers shouldn't blame Ed Hochuli
  • According to the Houston Chronicle, the damage to Reliant Stadium from Hurricane Ike is extensive enough to have the Texans considering playing their next home game at Rice Stadium.

NON-FOOTBALL NOTE: I am following Ed's lead and closing the Wednesday Walk with a non-football note of my own:

Don't tell me last year is last year, and that this year is different. Maybe for us its 2008, but for the New York Mets, it is still September 2007, and Tom Glavine is pitching tomorrow. Check out SB Nation's Amazin' Avenue for some good debate on the Metsies.