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'Kudos & Wet Willies,' 2-0 edition


So, I checked in last night on how the live blog went without me. Three-hundred and twenty comments (115 by 'jrs."). Wow! Maybe you guys don't need me!

Anyway, good work by you guys. Almost as good as the work the 2-0 Giants did in dismantling the 0-2 Rams, 41-13. I watched the game on DVR, and there was an awful lot to like.

So, let's get on with our traditional 'Kudos & Wet Willies.'

Kudos to ...

  • Justin Tuck: Remember when we were debating in the pre-season who the Giants' best defensive player was? It's Tuck. And it's not even close. The guy is playing like a Pro Bowl-caliber defensive end. That interception and return for a touchdown he had in the fourth quarter is as good a play as you will ever see a defensive lineman make. Even if I did think for a minute he was going to have a Leon Lett moment, as he coasted and Steven Jackson of St. Louis sprinted after him.
  • Ahmad Bradshaw: Had to wait until the fourth quarter of the second game to get his hands on the ball on a play from scrimmage, but boy did he ever take advantage! An important 18-yard touchdown reception, an insult to injury 31-yard touchdown run and a total of 52 yards rushing on five carries. I love the way Tom Coughlin and Kevin Gilbride used him. Brandon Jacobs and Derrick Ward softened up the Rams, and Bradshaw was used as the momentum-changer when the game threatened to get interesting.
  • Brandon Jacobs: Didn't get to "Laron" anybody this week, but had an excellent 15-carry, 93-yard game highlighted by a 30-yard run. When it comes right down to it, Jacobs is the guy that makes the Giants offense go. He establishes their physical, smashmouth attitude on offense, and everything else opens up because the Giants can run the ball efficiently.
  • Eli Manning: Went 20-for-29 (68.9%) for 260 yards and three touchdowns. Gets 'kudos' because of the high completion percentage, the cool left-handed completion to Jacobs and for not throwing any interceptions.
  • Amani Toomer: Six catches for 67 yards and a touchdown for the ageless one. Like a fine watch, Toomer just keeps on going.
  • Domenik Hixon: A 50-yard punt return and three catches, including two beauties, for 60 yards. I never want to see R.W. McQuarters return a punt for the Giants again.
  • John Carney: Two-for-two on field goals (now a perfect 5-for-5 in two games) and kicking brilliantly on kickoffs as well. Is anybody starting to think he might be better than Lawrence Tynes?
  • James Butler: So, we have spent a long time picking on Butler and wanting him out of the lineup. When do we stop? The guy had four tackles, including a couple of excellent ones in the open field. Like him or not, he seems to show up and make plays.
  • Fred Robbins: So, who is the Giants' third pass-rusher going to be. The gargantuan defensive tackle had two sacks and four tackles. He is playing as well as he ever has as a Giant.
  • Aaron Ross: Four tackles and an excellent job shadowing Tori Holt most of the day. The Giants' No. 1 pick a year ago seems to be on his way to becoming a shutdown type corner, if he isn't one already.
  • Danny Clark: Three tackles, including a brilliant open-field one on Steven Jackson. In two games, all I can say is this is an impressive guy. He has filled the hole left by Kawika Mitchell and then some.

Whew! That's a long list of 'Kudos,' and it could have also included a couple of other guys. I left off Derrick Ward, Michael Johnson and Plaxico Burress, all of whom had nice games.

As always, though, there have to be some 'Wet Willies,' and I do have a couple. So, here we go.

Wet Willies to ...

  • Kevin Dockery: A bad mistake on a long Rams' pass completion. Dockery got lucky on the play that it was wiped out by a St. Louis penalty. But, you can't leave a guy going deep and guess the ball is going short BEFORE the quarterback throws the ball. Dockery also had a pass interference penalty.
  • The tight ends: Two games, zero receptions for the Giants' tight ends. Steve Smith, Hixon, Bradshaw and others have so made up for Jeremy Shockey's removal from the Giants' passing game. But, Giants' tight ends need to show up eventually or Toomer and Burress are going to start finding a lot more double coverage.