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NFL Picks, Week 2: 'Greek' says ...

Crystal_ball_medium Week 2 of the NFL season marks a new beginning for the picks. Instead of throwing a couple of lines after each pick you will have the chance to see my picks sans comments, but have to wade your way through a weekly rant to get there.

This week all we've heard about is Tom Brady and either how the Patriots are done, or how this is the exact scenario that allowed Brady to become who he is in the first place. Apparently, this is the first time a star quarterback has ever been injured in the history of the NFL. I'm surprised we haven't heard any outrage about how we need to shorten the regular season to protect stars from getting hurt. Although with the Brady-gate being all that ESPN has discussed all week, I may have missed that suggestions after my ears and eyes simultaneously started bleeding sometime around Tuesday afternoon. I do not plan on adding to that discussion any further than I already have to this point. I do have an objection however, to the secondary story that this has spawned. Brett Favre and the Jets are now the team to beat.

Favre put together a decent line last week, but once again got very lucky and nearly cost his team what should have been a very winnable game for the supposed AFC East champs in waiting. A pseudo Hail Mary on 4th down that should have been picked off, and a last second pick in the end zone. Either of these two results are reversed and the Jets are 0-1 and just lost to a team that has one win in the past year and a half. I understand the media fascination with Favre and have almost come to accept it at this point in my life. However, anointing him the savior after last week's performance and handing the Jets the AFC East seems to be a little naive and premature in my estimation. What happens if they lose at home to the Pats this week? I'm sure it will be someone else's fault. That or we'll be subjected to more coverage of how he hasn't learned the playbook yet, but once he does, the league will be put on notice.

This week has been filled with more overreactions from the media than I remember in a long time. After only one game the Browns, Pats, Chargers, and Colts are all done. The Broncos, by beating the Raiders of all teams, are ready to take the west, and now the NFC has the superior teams and quarterbacks all due to a certain injury. After one week and one injury, everything we all thought we knew about the NFL has been turned upside down. Up is down, black is white, East is West, and we don't even have Brady to turn to for answers. If we can all just pull together in these troubling times of uncertainty, we can make it. At least until this Sunday when the next star gets injured, team gets upset, or Favre throws a game-changing pick/touchdown.

The Picks

  • Miami (+6.5) at Arizona
  • Chicago at Carolina (-3)
  • Tennessee (+1) at Cincinnati
  • Green Bay (-3) at Detroit
  • Indianapolis (-2) at Minnesota
  • Buffalo (+5.5) at Jacksonville
  • Oakland at Kansas City (-3.5)
  • NY Giants (-8.5) at St. Louis
  • New England (+1.5) at NY Jets
  • Pittsburgh (-6) at Cleveland
  • San Diego (-1.5) at Denver
  • San Francisco at Seattle (-7)
  • Atlanta at Tampa Bay (-7)
  • New Orleans (Pick) at Washington
  • Philadelphia at Dallas (-7)
  • Baltimore at Houston (-4.5)
Last week: 11-5
Season: 11-5