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New York Giants' notebook, 09.12

Back to football today, gang! And there is plenty of that to discuss around our New York Giants.

Let's get started.


STADIUM NAMING CONTROVERSY: In case you missed it Thursday, there was quite a bit written about the Giants and New York Jets possibly selling the naming rights of their new stadium to Allianz, a German company that apparently had Nazi connections in World War II.

Let me say simply that this would be a stupid, insensitive move by the two teams. You are telling me they -- if they have to sell naming right, which I hate, anyway -- they can't find a New York or New Jersey company that wants its name on the building?

Gary Myers of the New York Daily News summed this situation up perfectly.

Even if Allianz has tried to make restitution over the years to the families of the Holocaust victims, why should a football stadium be a reminder of the painful events that led to the murder of six million Jews? With so many Holocaust survivors in this area and ancestors of survivors or people who lost their parents or grandparents in concentration camps, it just makes no sense. ...

Even if Allianz, which has its name on a stadium in Munich, is willing to pay more than anybody else - perhaps as much as $30 million per year - could Giant owners Tisch and John Mara and Jet owner Woody Johnson take a little less money and be a little more sensitive? There seems to be some testimony that Allianz has tried to do the right thing over the years, but why would the Giants and Jets even subject themselves to such scrutiny?

And in these times when America is losing its value around the world, can't the naming rights to one of the most visible sports venues be sold to an American company?

There really isn't much to add to that.


SHOCKEY HASN'T LET GO: Jeremy Shockey is in the news talking -- or writing -- about the Giants again. Apparently, Shockey has penned a piece in the newest edition of ESPN the Magazine sharing his feelings about his former team.

From Ralph Vacchiano, here is a snippet of what Shockey had to say:

On the theory that the Giants were better off without him last year: “Look, I’m glad my teammates won everything. But the media were trying to make fans either feel sorry for me or feel like the team didn’t need me, and it ended up like a bad soap opera. The media never took the time to consider how I was feeling. But why would they do that? That would take too long, be too hard. Fans don’t form their own opinions now. They just believe what they’re told, what they read. It’s why we live in a society where you can be famous for doing nothing more than showing your panties a few times.”

On his decision of whether or not to attend Super Bowl XLII: “When it came time for the actual game, I was f—ed either way: if I went to the Super Bowl or if I didn’t. I didn’t want to be a distraction. What good am I with a broken leg? The Giants already have cheerleaders-why would they need me?

On his Super Bowl experience: “I flew myself out on a five- to six-hour flight in a middle seat. I couldn’t walk. I couldn’t do anything. Then the Giants wouldn’t let me sit on the sideline, so I sat upstairs during the game. I didn’t get invited to the parade or the party or the celebration, and that’s fine. … It was over for me in New York after that.”

I get the magazine, and this might actually be the first time I will ever find something I want to read.


KIWI AT FULL SPEED: Mathias Kiwanuka, who injured an ankle on the final play against Washington, apparently practiced at full speed Thursday. That's good news. The Giants need him.


BIGGEST NFC EAST RIVALRY: ESPN's Matt Mosley says the biggest NFC East rivalry is Cowboys-Redskins. Of course he does. Maybe 20 years ago Mosley would have been right. But now, you can't tell me any rivalry in that division is more intense than Cowboys-Giants. Oh, and today's count is eight posts for Mosley, five about his hometown Cowboys. C'mon, Matt, find some objectivity, please!


STAY TUNED: Later today 'jrs' will have his weekly preview of this week's opposition, this time focusing on the St. Louis Rams. Also, I will have our weekly '5 Questions' segment, an entertaining go-round with Turf Show Times.