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Here is your practice squad

Here is your complete practice squad.

  • QB Andre' Woodson
  • OL Na'Shan Goddard
  • OL Kurt Quarterman
  • DT Jeremy Clark
  • WR Marcus Monk
  • DE Wallace Gilberry
  • TE Rashad Barksdale

I was glad to see Woodson make it back to the Giants. Of course, that means nobody out there EXCEPT the Giants thinks Woodson will ever be a capable NFL quarterback. Nonetheless, maybe with a year of no pressure he can learn the offense and have a shot at being a decent backup.

Interesting that the Giants cut Geoffrey Pope in favor of Barksdale. I have to root for Barksdale, since I live in Troy, NY and Barksdale played for UAlbany, right down the road. Barksdale played for Kansas City last season. Barksdale is the only UAlbany player to ever make an NFL roster.