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Chad swims to the Fish, and other stuff

So, Chad Pennington won't be a Giant. The just-released former New York Jet quarterback apparently found work in a hurry, signing Friday with the Miami Dolphins.

So, David Carr and Anthony Wright will continue to fight for the backup job behind Eli Manning. Off Thursday's game, that might not be as much of a concern as we thought. Coach Tom Coughlin liked what he saw from both guys.

Are you guys content with Carr and Wright? If you're not, what about Tampa Bay's Chris Simms? The Bucs have no use for him, he's got some ability and a Simms in New York seems like a natural.


A few other thoughts on a Saturday morning.

  • Give Eli a break! In the comments on Friday there was some concern voiced about Eli Manning's performance against the Lions. Chill, people! It was six throws in a meaningless exhibition game. Eli is just fine. He's the Super Bowl MVP, so we know what he can do. Let's not worry about his exhibition stats, please.
  • The whole Brett Favre at City Hall was an absolute embarrassment for New York City and its mayor, Michael Bloomberg. Are you kidding me? The guy is a football player, and he has never done squat for New York, other than show up. My guess is there will come a time on a cold December day when Favre wakes up and thinks "What the hell am I doing? I never wanted to be here in the first place."


In true Peter King style, here are a couple of non-football thoughts for today.

  • My New York Yankees are toast. The standings say they still have a shot at the playoffs, but the poor excuse for a starting rotation they are using tells you they really don't. Excellent, two-inning performance from Ian Kennedy last night!
  • Does anybody care about the Olympics? I don't. I'm not a big Olympics watcher, anyway, and the whole 'Beijing thing' has me completely turned off. I'm mildly interested to see what the 'Redeem Team' does in hoops, and that's it.