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Giants vs. Lions, Open Thread

New York Giants at Detroit Lions

When: Tonight, 7 p.m.

Where: Ford Field, Detroit, MI

Network: WNBC Channel 4

Sirius Channel: Lions Feed Ch.126 Giants Feed Ch.127

Radio: WFAN -AM 660

Here is your first game day open thread of the 2008 season. The Giants, or at least whatever players the Giants have available, meet the Detroit Lions tonight in their first exhibition game.

A note about the thread. If you want to follow along during the game, keep your browser open to the comments throughout. The comments will 'auto-refresh' as they are posted, making it seem like a live blog.

We will see how this works out. I might still use some third-party live-blogging software during the season, but keeping your browser open to the comments during the game provides a pretty close facsimile.