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Wednesday Walk Around The League 8-6

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Good Morning Everyone, the Super Bowl Champion New York Giants first preseason game is tomorrow, and here are some stories making news around the league on this first Wednesday in August:

Editors note: As of today, the Wednesday Walk goes "Favre free", enough is enough.

Away we go:

From USA Today, the NFL has implemented a new code of conduct for fans. I think it will be interesting to see how this is enforced during the season. Under this new code of conduct, if you are a season ticket holder who gives or sells your tickets to someone who violates the code, you can lose your season ticket privileges. This could have an effect on Stub Hub type ticket sales. Fans will have to ask themselves if it is worth it to sell their prized season tickets to an anonymous stranger who could possibly cause trouble at a game.

Sportsline's Pete Prisco has some observations on the Miami Dolphins. As most of you know, I live in South Florida, and the whole marketing campaign by the Dolphins this year is about the new regime led by Duane Charles Parcells. There are billboards all over the place down here with his picture on them. It's pretty telling when the marketing department doesn't feel like they have a player to sell to the public.

Here is an interesting article from the Titans website about the death of the "smashmouth" fullback.

Here's a funny story from The Sporting News about Vikes punter Chris Kluwe being a Guitar Hero Beast.

From the Philly Inquirer, Eagles lineman Shawn Andrews is battling depression. As someone who has battled depression in the past, I wish him the best. It's an all consuming sickness, but with the right help hopefully he'll be ok.

From the San Francisco Chronicle, Tom Fitzgerald says Niners 3rd string QB J.T. O'Sullivan may be someone to keep an eye on. New 49ers Offensive Coordinator Mike Martz had Sullivan in Detroit, and has worked closely with him.