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This is a controversy?

This is what it has come to for your New York Giants.

About the most controversial thing happening around the DEFENDING SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS is that kicker Lawrence Tynes doesn't like the practice field at UAlbany because the grass is too nice.

Yep, complaints about the grass being TOO NICE is about as close to making waves as anything comes around the Giants these days.

What has happened here? These are not the Giants I have spent my life agonizing over.

No one is ripping the coach. In fact, everyone seems to be in love with formerly Scrooge-like coach Tom Coughlin.

No one is complaining about their role on the team.

No one is wondering if the Giants have a professional quarterback capable of leading the team to great things.

No one is whining about their contract, though we know Plaxico Burress still wants to get paid.

What has happened to our New York Giants? All this tranquility is killing me.

The best the Giants can do is Tynes whining that the UAlbany grass is too nice to kick on?

"The grass is long, it's soft, it's uphill or downhill," he said. "But we've got to deal with it. I agree with Jay, Josh (Huston) said it, I said it, it's not conducive to hitting ... The spot where I want to kick the ball, I never see it because the grass is too long. But you have to keep the field long in camp because you're on all the fields. You just have to deal with it. We're going to a FieldTurf field on Thursday (in Detroit). We'll be fine."

C'mon, guys! That's the best you've got?

This is not the Giant way. No in-fighting. No whining. No retired players wanting $25 million just to stay retired. No friggin' controversy. NOTHING FUN TO WRITE ABOUT, for crying out loud!

Boredom is, apparently, the price of winning.

That's not good for bloggers like me. It is, however, a price I am all too happy to pay.